Where have all he petunias gone?  Long time gone now.  Nothing in the planter with roots.  Horizontalis berries and greenery clipped from around the house pretend at being winter annuals, taking over where true annuals held forth all summer long.  Tic toc, the page turns and soon the snow will fly.

Goldfinches know and have changed from their showy summer beach wear to more somber and sensible attire.  On some dark days they seem to be wearing “invisibility cloaks”, blending, as they do, into the grayness with which November has painted our world.

It isn’t much but the berries do seem to cheer things up somewhat.  I know I have to smile when I see them.


Late Fall Rail P:lanter 



Tabletop Planter



Goldfinches all snug in their winter gear

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