Here is it mid-morning and I have been up for only 2 cups.  Slept like the proverbial log.  Happens nearly every time i stay up ’til 1: AM. Practicing for the New Year’s Eve.

Just drove ( yes you heard correctly ) out to the roadside to retrieve the morning paper, there being a patch of glaze ice at the top of the rise from the road.  I could have pulled on the Bean boots with the cleats on them but it was too easy just to NOT do that.  It’s a relatively warmish 20?? now and will hover around the 30? mark I think today.

I only skimmed the Times this morning.  I purely hate all those gratuitous lists of the past year’s this or that.  Any freshman auto mechanic student can do that.  But it seems to be required of every editorial board that they provide this information for the palpitating masses to consume.  Of course, this is only one man’s opinion.  

I think the Times is going to begin charging for the news or at least the  premium parts again.  It sounds like all across the board there are going to be added charges for what has been from day one free on the internet.  The Greedy Bunch are always lurking there in the shadows waiting to find a foothold in the fee for whatever wall.  So they have to make a living?  I can respect that.  However, a $100 a year for this and $100 a year for that and it isn’t long until my limited funds are taxed unreasonably.  Do without?  Well that is an option, isn’t it?  I wonder what the advertisers will say about that possibility?

There will always be free aggregators like the portal sites and private ones like the Huffington Post.  If someone wants money for me to see his stuff and I choose to do it then I want the damned adds deleted!  I already have Huff Post set as my home page.

Well, I have finished cup # 3 and am considering # 4 very seriously.  i do hope your’s is a good day.  We will have some light snow and possibly some mixed precipitation.  I intend to stay home bound and nurse this congestion/cold/asthma thing I have going on while  reading a stack of Jack Higgins books from the library.  He does those stories staring a standard ensemble, who operate beyond those limits you and I must respect, who live lives of immanent danger, surrounded by death and destruction all the while knocking back wholesale amounts of Irish Whiskey and flying all over the world in their name brand high dollar mini jets.  It takes little mind power to devour one of these and that is just about my limit today.

Be well – stay tuned

Jerry Henderson

Oh, I almost forgot –  

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