It isn’t exactly Super Bowl fare but it’ll do for me and my house tonight. It has fallen my lot to prepare supper. It will be taken by the fireside in Maine, not on a tail gate at Sun Life Stadium in Florida. Although I’d love to be there. I have witnessed Saints football in in the Super Dome and there isn’t another experience like it. Oh, hell, I’m sure there is but I like the way it sounds to say it that way. I am sure there will be some good times rolling on and on there and even as we speak.

It will be a one pot meal. Boned chicken thighs ( three for this ) seasoned with Penzey’s Mural of Flavor spice and dredged in flour lightly and browned partly in EVOO and set aside. Then I saute half a big white onion half a bell pepper and a long stalk of celery in the remaining oil ( add more if necessary). I do this until the onion is transparent.

Now for the sauce. I take two tablespoons of flour and toss into the pot and move it around until it gets clumpy and then some ( don’t worry this prepares the flour to absorb the liquid ). I add about two cups of seasoned vegetable stock and it begins to make gravy right before your eyes. It’s frigging magic.

As this gets thick I grind some black pepper into the mix ( no salt please as there is some in the other spices and liquid – you’ll see ). I also shake a healthy dollop of PICKAPEPPA SAUCE from Shooter’s Hill, Jamaica. This is essential. If you don’t have some of this stuff – well, just go get some right now while I shake my head in disbelief.

By now there is a pot full of sauce and chicken and sauted vegetables to which you add a double handful of pealed and cut carrots about twenty minutes before it is done, and before I forget it two links of Andouille sausage pealed and cut in 1 inch pieces. You can also crumble it up too. That’s nice.

It cooks covered about 30 minutes over low heat. You can tell when it is done. I mean, if you can’t tell you better just let it alone and order out.

This is served over rice by the way and the 100% whole wheat biscuits I made this morning will serve for bread.

Well, that’s it. I hope you like it.
Be well and stay tuned . . . . .
Jerry Henderson

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