I don’t know just when it happened, but somewhere in the past a special significance was attached to Wednesday, the mid-week day. It was important in the sense that the work week was “down hill” from there. It was the hump of the work week. If we got past Wednesday, the hump, then we had it made.

This idea was never more apparent than during those days when I earned my keep tending to the needs of the emotionally troubled. I worked in the Texas Mental Health system of community centers. I enjoyed helping people. I was moderately good at it. Most of us were. After three days of dealing with such problems we “normal” persons needed some relaxing, and for most of us in the clinic that meant meeting at a local watering hole and watering down for a couple of hours. Sometimes more. After all, it was hump night. It was down hill from there.

In recent years, the Wednesday hump has not figured that much in my life but reaching the mid point in any endeavor still remains a symbolic achievement – down hill from there. Light at the end of the tunnel and all.

As the years go by with ever increasing speed, the mid-week hump represents more of a speed indicator than an opportunity to blow off steam or relax with one’s favorite people and libation. “Good grief the week is half gone already”! The weeks seem to go by like light poles at 90 miles per hour. “What day is it,” is more often the question than,”What time is it”.
Still, there is a vestigial sensation of specialness to the day for me. I always think of it and at times am able to give the day, usually the evening part, a place of honor. Break out the good bottle. Throw a pork loin on the grill. Salute old times and friends. And be thankful that, though the speedometer of life is pegged on the red line, through the magic of optical surgery I can still read the numbers clearly.

This is what I am moved to say about all this: I resolve to enjoy the ride as best I can. After all it’s down hill from here.

Be well and stay tuned –

Jerry Henderson

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