I’m in one of my cynical moods, so I shouldn’t even be doing this. Why, you ask. I know you didn’t ask but that’s how I get into what I’m doing here. Here is the answer.

First, as you may or may not know, I have a presence on FaceBook and Twitter. Both of these occurrences are the result of yielding to some dear friend’s insistence that I would just love the experience. What I have discovered, and what everyone else already knows, is that the social networking world has it’s merits and it’s problems as well. FB does give me a contact point with many of the people I used to work with. That was the main reason I joined. Meanwhile, I discover a world of people there I had lost contact with and who are quite willing to exchange brief (and I do mean brief) greetings now and then. You don’t go to FB to actually communicate some important information like when your plane arrives or when to meet you somewhere for an important matter to be handled. It is at best a one and a half way conversation. If you are not OK with that you shouldn’t be there. I’m thinking about that.

In addition to that, there are all those cute little games pastimes and nonsense exercises that seem to appeal to a lot of people. Some of these people take up entire pages with this stuff. But it seems to meet some need out there and I suppose that is a good thing. It seems, at times, to be the biggest part of what goes on there. It looks like a barrel of fun for many. I do not touch any of that. It’s not that I think I am above it (i am) but rather it just doesn’t appeal to me. If someone sends me some Hindu Goddess treat, a bucket of flowers, or an invitation to some personal favorite cause, I just ignore it. No one should be offended by this. It simply isn’t personal. It’s not in my nature, and if you know me, this is not a surprise.

Along comes Twitter with its 140 character limit that really has a personality all its own. (Actually FB has its limit as well) It’s the old 25 words or less thing in a new coat. A friend coaxed me into getting on Twitter and so I did. I have 53 people following me! Why? I don’t even know 53 people.

Over on the north side of our town is a cross road with a quick stop store and a cafe combination. Across the road from the cafe is a little house, if you can call it that. It is little. About big enough for a card table inside and a few old guys to gather around. It’s a “club house”. Looks like something you’d find in a kid’s back yard. What it really is is a social network hub. It’s refreshing to see.

Wouldn’t it be funny to drive by and see these guys sitting around the table with their laptops open surfing FaceBook?

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