I dreamed last night.??More exactly this morning just before waking.??I dreamed of persons from years ago who are of little consequence in my life these days and with whom I would not spend the time of day.??Why, I ask myself, bother disturbing that precious REM sleep with such odd bits from my past? Inconsequential???Obviously not, as my subconscious bothered to unearth them and dump them in bed with me.??Add to that this: I am sitting here with my feet toward the small live fire set to dispel the 45? dampness of the morning, thinking about this nocturnal invasion of my mind – apparently still in progress.

The images that populate dreams are unaccountable. ?They come and go as they please leaving few tracks, then – poof! They are gone beyond retrieval. ?Now and then a fragment appears in a suddenly illuminated corner of my mind, unassociated with any meaningful narrative. ?No dangling clues to help. ? Sometimes I wonder: what the hell was that all about?

Here’s the picture: ?A giant two pronged pier out into the ocean resembling a tuning fork. At the base of the fork, there is a restaurant that was supposed to be some kind of elegant eatery but seemed sterile to me. ?I don’t know what the occasion was and can not bring up a single face. ?I don’t remember the menu or the table talk. ?I do remember enjoying a walk on the “other” pier – why it should be the “other” is a mystery to me too – and then I woke up, needing a bathroom break rather badly.

Solutions are acceptable in the comments and the prize for the one selected as the most likely will win a complete dinner for two at this same restaurant. ?When you get there please call me and let me in on the secret. ?I can’t wait.

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  1. Jerry… Interesting images…I never go for literal interpretation and am loath to interpret someone else’s dream message-in-their-bottle if you will… What do the two forks suggest-evoke in you when you just put them up there and let whatever floats into consciousness be your guide? The "other" pier, what’s that about? You deemed it "other", so what might "otherness" be meaning, saying to you? Maybe listen to what the ocean has to say about any of this from your dreamscape…Roger

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