It’s fitting that on this longest daylight day I will have some eye surgery that hopefully will let me see more light. Ironic, though that most of the rest of the day will be spent nursing cold packs to reduce the possibility of swelling. If it’s not one exciting thing it’s another.

I suppose the Druids among us will party all day, roast the fatted pig, dance into the distant sunset and tap the ready keg. Wait! Is that for Druids only? I mentioned the “longest day” to Ruth, our 91 year old house mate. She moaned her sadness that now the days will be getting shorter and shorter. She is a sun worshipper. If the sun is shining everything is better. We were sitting on the deck in the sun. I told her to enjoy the moment and watch the radiant orioles eating grape jelly on the banister only a few feet away. She doesn’t think she’ll be here for the longest night. I love the cycle of the seasons. It’s what makes living at this latitude interesting. Well, it is one of the things.

I woke up way early. Four o’clock and there was light in the sky. Nervous I suppose. I made coffee. Only need six hours between food and drink and the event later today. I got a call from the doctor’s office on Friday to remind me and give me some last minute instructions. They were: “Wash your face and don’t eat breakfast. Have a nice weekend.” Been trying to figure out why that didn’t do much to boost my confidence. Did I mention that I am a bit nervous?

Be well, and stay tuned.

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