Spring Point Light, also known as the Bug Light, stands at the entrance to Portland’s harbor.  It is an automated navigation aid which is actually open to the public on Saturdays, so says the notice.

I have seen the light from the water many times but never took the time to “find” it from landward.  It is much easier than we made it out to be, winding around Cape Elizabeth’s non-geometrically laid out streets.

I don’t recommend Birkenstocks for walking out to the light on those small car sized blocks of granite, but that was how we were clad and we made it work by paying close attention.  Not a bad thing to do anyway.  

Afterward, we had dinner at Joe’s Boat House at the marina.  Pricy but really good.  I have been going there for years and each time they have goosed the price a little.  It’ll be out of my range soon.  Funny, in lots of ways, lots of stuff seems to be getting out of my range these days.

It was a lovely day.  The sun and clouds played with each other over the water changing its hue from moment to moment.  The wind was substantial.  Schooners, ketches, yawls and sloops were out, all sails bent to the wind.

A lovely day.  Did I say that?


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  1. Sounds like a wonderful day! Jealous of the weather, in particular, as we’ve had endless rain, not the usual rainy season afternoon showers, but, soppy wet, then downpours. After your recent weather and then your "grounding" due to recovery this was well deserved. Keep well! Cont. to feel better ea. day-Michelle

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