Here it is 7:45 and I have my second cup sitting by the keyboard and am on-line after an hour of trying to figure out just what the issue was. First I tried TV and that worked, so the cable was functioning. Don’t always mean the internet is though.

So next I restarted all the airports, modems hearing aids and refrigerators in the house and still no internet. I was beginning to wonder if a call to Time Warner (the root canal of help lines) was in order. I am sitting here sipping that mysteriously magical brew when I mentally went through the list of possible user fixes available to me and the only thing I did not do was to restart the computer. I felt, well, if I am going to restart I might as well logoff and let it get cold. It’s been years since such an event.

My usual modus operandi is to let the machine just go to sleep between sessions so that a key tap brings things to life instantly. CA, my partner in life shuts her iMac down completely each time she uses it even it if is multiple time a day. It’s her way.

Anyway, here I go. I logged off completely and went for a refill. When the moment came to turn the computer on I felt a little anxious – if this doesn’t work then I am screwed for another hour or two, hoping that there is indeed an up-the-line problem with the server and that as soon as coffee brake is over in Consumption Gulch, Joe or Jane the technician will fix the issue and we will all be happy again, not actually doing much on the internet, but enjoying the “feeling” of being connected.

I sat down with my fresh cup and pushed the magic button on the back of my iMac and in moments I found all was once again part of this global community to which I have become so addicted. Am I ashamed? No. Do I spend too much time here? Yes. Will my day go more smoothy now? Definitely.

Wait a minute – that’s only the beginning. Two guys are coming over in moments to measure for new windows upstairs. Later R.O. the plumber is coming to install new bath fixtures upstairs and tinker with my leaking water closet. Yes I keep a little water in a closet. Then I drive down to Portland to my eye doctor for a wrap-up visit after some surgery I had about six weeks ago. I just thought: I won’t be but a block or two from the Apple Store. Hmm. Well, it’s just a thought.

When, I might ask, with all this going on, does a guy have time to cut a little grass?

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  1. Hmmmmm. . . . our internet and phone went down Tue night when we all were on a computer ea (5 of us). The following days search for a solution didnt work, thus an appt for today for a tech guy. He comes out in the later half of our 2 hr window to say our router isnt working will need to be replaced but he doesn’t have a wireless router so we have to have a later appt for another guy to fix phone and internet 4-6pm. Well, about 410ish, we get a call on the phone then about ten minutes later the internet is up and running. Appears the network forgot to tell us the new routers were being reprogrammed with info from the network and while this info was getting to us we were down. Well, I have not a clue how all of this works other than turning things off and also waiting and drinking a cup of joe. But, I feel for you, the same anticipation, same disconnected feeling. We are not alone, as I mentioned this throughout the day, turning down offers of better adventures than sitting to wait for a tech guy, everyone mentioned how they couldnt live for two days w/o phone or internet. Well, not like I had some choose in this matter and it did appear this morning when I woke that I was alive. Hope your day went rather well after all. . . Michelle

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