It’s September the 13th. Last year it was a nice mild to warm month – not hot – and quite enjoyable. This year it is cool. I said cool to a pal up on Sebec Lake yesterday and he corrected me: COLD he said – all caps.

I am sitting here gathering up what I think I have to get done this week and the cold is seeping in through my sweat shirt down into my hide. I finally decided to make the first fire of the season in my little Waterford box. Some kindling is all, but enough to take the chill off. It only dropped to 49 or 50 last night. Much warmer by a degree or two than predicted. But after a week or so of this it begins to soak in and one’s tolerance for it wears thin. Ye ha!

Every year we go through this little game of pretending we don’t need any heat and then we look at each other with our warm clothes on inside and think, “Hey, we’re moderately well educated and aware people. You’d think we might be able to figure out it’s cold enough for some heat”. Like it’s not a contest to see who can hold out longest.

Now that I have struck the first match, it won’t take as much emotional toll next time. It’s just early for a fire. Too damned early.

We’re having the upstairs windows replaced beginning in a week and a half. It would be nice not to have frigid air coming in when they remove the old ones. Last year when the downstairs was done the weather was perfect. You just can’t count on anything anymore where weather is concerned.

We are also going out to Monhegan Island for four days on the 20th. It really would be nice to have some warm and dry weather for that. We’ve been going out there for something like 15 years now and have encountered every kind of weather. You go prepared for what it can do not what you hope it will do. Not a bad philosophy for life, I would think.

Anyway, it’s cool – umm, well I should say cold. I can feel the warmth migrating over here from the little cast iron stove already. A refill on my cup of darkroast seems in order.

May this find you well and engaged at the beginning of your week.

Jerry Henderson

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