So it is 48? here presently – 7:30 AM. No fire up here but a nice sweat shirt will do. Bare legs hanging out and your wonderful crocheted throw is warming them. Darkroast by elbow and the day looms ahead in the sunshine. It’s only Sept 11. May this find you well and full of cheer.

(Jesus! 9/11! Oh well I know what the media will be all about today, which means I will avoid media. That thing has become so political. Everything about it is somebody’s hobby horse. A simple memorial service honoring and remembering those who died, and let it go. I am surprised Hollywood hasn’t gotten a-hold of that a′la Pearl Harbor. Maybe they have. I just don’t watch much.)

What really gets to me about the seasonal changes is the light. It is fading precipitously. It changes at an irregular rate – about 2 1/3 minutes per day at this latitude and at this time of year. September seems to give it a kick in the ass and it just seems to fade faster. It’s the emotional effect that has the greatest impact.

The tides are high now. Higher than I have “ever” noticed. I am sure that is a kind of fielder’s choice observation in meteorological terms, not unlike my perception of the fading light. I don’t stand there and watch it, but I love seeing the tides work. There are several places nearby where back waters are tidal finger-like sloughs that go far inland and flow in and out twice a day. I love it. It is perhaps my favorite regional feature. Gulf tides, when I lived there, were mostly unnoticed. (I thought that was a hyphenated word. My spell checker says no. Funny thing about spell checkers – they couldn’t care less about what word you use.)

Interesting factoid: Yesterday 9/10, now that I think of it, was the 61st anniversary of the “first time” I got married. That seems like another galaxy far far away. We eloped across the border into Mississippi, where such expeditious services could be found. We stood before the mantle in Judge Lee’s parlor with his wife in attendance. He wore the khakis he was working in, she removed her apron and we wore plain “dating style” clothes. Skirt, slacks and light colored tops as I recall. Nobody with any brains at all would have done that. But brains were not required at the time. I think it remains the custom today. It lasted 27 years. Three great kids. Must have been something there. It was probably a high tide day. Or a full moon. I guess I could check that out.

As you can see I have nothing to say. I hope all is well for you this weekend. It will be quiet here with some random wood stacking, and possibly the last grass cutting and of course some gardening wrap-up.

Be well dear Friend


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