Thirty five degrees! Now, that’s fall. Almost eight o’clock and the sun is still slanting in at a low angle. Now, that’s fall. The big maple out front has lost almost all its leaves and that without much fanfare. Now, that’s fall. A real three stick fire in my little Waterford box stove. Now, that’s fall.

It’s actually time for all that, it’s just that I’m not quite there yet. Oh, I’m here, I’m just not “there”, if you know what I mean.

I love driving down Lawrence Road toward North Pownal. As you continue out north toward Auburn, the colors are beautiful, and it’s just beginning.

We will go out to the Pettengill Farm in Freeport today for a farm demonstration and exhibition day. It should be lovely.

Is the sky that blue, or is it just the contrast with the colors, or the angle of the rays, or feeling that there will soon be less of it to see? Maybe we are just grasping at rays as they slant in southward finding new and surprising paths through our windows.

Now, that’s fall.

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