Perhaps this the last of the foliage pictures this season. After all, how many different “poses” can Autumn accomplish? She is a veritable yoga master. Ruth and I are on the way to St. Mary’s in Lewiston for her weekly blood check. I commented how likely it was that the color will have passed its peak. To our pleasant surprise we found the drive spectacular.

Again I am holding my little Lumix in one hand and pointing out the windshield and hoping for – something.

Yes, I know these photos will not stand the test of great enlargement or a critical eye as there was a whole lot of shaking going on, and the windshield was dusty as well. But specially for those of you who live outside the area, it may provide another glimpse into the more or less rural byway situation here in Maine, during a spectacular fall color season.

To you who are my neighbors here in Maine, I ask your forgiveness for this redundancy.

I probably need to rest my eyes after such a workout. Don’t you agree?

Jerry Henderson


From Ruth’s window in the hospital overlooking Bates College.

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