It was a busy day for the owner and CEO of the GRIN ‘N BEAR IT TAXI CO LLC.

All over Cumberland County and on time at each stop. Thing is, the fall colors have come out with the cooler temperatures in banging shades of every warm color known to the rainbow. Against the azure sky and bright sunshine the contrast was stunning.

All these photos were one handed, on the fly shots through the windshield so it is exactly what I saw. No careful framing. No second takes. One shot photo opps. It is what it is. What a travesty it would be to pass by such beauty without noticing. Even better, I didn’t have to get on a bus and be herded about with 60 other “peepers” from one restaurant to the next one. A favorite phrase in our house when someone asks about the location of a doctor’s office or other destination is, “It’s just down the road”. I can say that some of the most beautiful color this fall has been, “just down the road”. And also, through the windshield.


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  1. Did you happen to notice the UFO in image #7? You just never know what you’re going to encounter along Maine’s byways…

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