It befalls the lot of all of us, at one time or another, to find ourselves in someone’s waiting room.  Perhaps that of a doctor, a dentist, a land surveyor or auto repair shop.

At times we are there with someone else who is the patient/customer.  Today that’s my job as the CEO and sole employee of the regionally well known GRIN ‘N BEAR IT TAXI CO, LLC.  I am waiting for CA to have her initial PT session to deal with her busted arm, on a beautiful, clear and cool morning.

I always enter a waiting room prepared.  My constant shoulder bag is stuffed with things to read and do.  Book, notebook, iPhone – aka, Game Boy, dictionary, internet browser, email terminal, text message machine and world map.

When CA was called in, I began to settle into my routine.  I figured it would be a while.  A few quick loosing games of solitaire, an email check and one text message.  I then looked around at the local waiting room supplies and found a basket of mostly out of date news magazines.  I don’t know what that’s all about.  There was a small table next to my chair that had been artfully decorated by a clever brush hand to resemble a climbing vine of  wisteria.  There were two small baskets on the top shelf.  One contained a hand full of nice pens with a hand written sign saying to take one – they are good pens – but the address is an old one.  Then the other  one contained the usual collection of pamphlets on yoga, PT of course, general health and a small Mr. Rogers collection.  I know he’d be proud.

On the second shelf, and much to my dismay, was a well thumbed copy of Tolstoy’s War and Peace.  When I saw it, I laughed out loud.  Perhaps, I thought, I should consider going out for a bag of snacks and a six pack.  I remembered, there was a pillow in my trunk.

I believe, by actual count, this was the 4764th waiting room of my life.  I’m good at it.  I don’t like it -I don’t put it on my resume´ – yet I am competent at waiting.  But that’s another story.  

Stay tuned.

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