OKAY.  I am deaf.  I have these expensive instruments in my ears that people get rich selling, but they are only a patch, not a cure for a damned thing.  What’s this about? I got this movie in the English language with French and Spanish subtitles. NO ENGLISH!  I tried about 15 minutes of it and didn’t catch a single goddamned word!  All of these people were mumbling into their armpits.  If I were king, it would be a prison offense to even think of marketing any movie with English actors without English subtitles in the USA. What level of arrogance is this? It is common practice for American movies to have English subtitles. AND I hasten to add, there are English actors who can actually ENUNCIATE.  But of course, I have the same problem with children and breathy voiced women. Did I mention that I am hearing impaired?  I’m going to bed and read. At least I can imagine good enunciation.

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