I see where Lance Armstrong is selling beer now. Money talks. I mean is that worse than selling sheets and pillow cases? I suppose that if you see beer as an evil, say like slavery, then it would be a problem. But what about the money? I am sure it was a comforting amount. I doubt it was sufficient to retire on but it probably was cause for a smile when the amount appeared in his bank statement.

So – does it mean that anything is for sale? What would you do for money? Or maybe what wouldn’t you do for money?

It gets real complicated from here on. Let’s talk about how much. One million? Two million? More? You think Lance got a million for the beer commercial? I don’t have a clue what those things go for.

If we were talking about any old journeyman actor we would not even be talking. Lance was the world’s best at something. He is a cancer survivor. He rides a bicycle for Christ’s sake. How pure can you get?

It’s the beer, isn’t it? But what if he were hawking deep sea drilling for oil? Or maybe a swifter delivery system for a new multi warhead missile that would take out dozens of radical Muslim terrorists in one fell swoop? Or Wonder Bread? I vote for the beer if those are the only choices.

I like beer. I’m not partial to that watery stuff he is selling, but I have friends who like it. I remember one time when I was running a lot, I ran in the Cajun Ten Miler down in Louisiana. Frank Shorter, the gold medalist in the 1972 Olympic Marathon, was running against me. (Where’s a laugh track when you need one?) I ran the distance in 80.7 minutes. For me, that was fan-tastic! When I crossed the finish line, Shorter was standing there sucking down his third watery beer! Maybe he was getting paid too.

I don’t know what any of this means, but I do know I have a deep dislike for celebrity endorsements. I mean, who cares. If you are good at something, that’s great. We can all respect that. But it doesn’t mean you know Jack about anything else.

I think I need a beer right now. No! I’m not going to say what kind. It will taste like something, however. I mean, this is not an endorsement.

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