6 AM Pownal

Dear Friend. It’s another cold morning here in Maine. Seems that we have had a preponderance of really cold mornings this season. We were spoiled for sure last year. But this too shall pass, as they say. I say this while looking at an icicle reaching from roof line to the ground. Not an encouraging sight.

You are fortunate indeed, to be able to migrate with the seasons. I used to make fun of all you “Snow Birds” flying south in October and north in April – having the best of both worlds. These days it’s pure unadulterated envy.

Seriously, I do love winter in the northeast, but I can see my ability to physically deal with it fading as I age. I don’t like it worth a damn, but there’s not much I can do about it. I came here 30 years ago for the winter and at the time I could go out and ski 20 miles at the drop of a mitten. That memory seems almost mythological today.

On the home front, things are going along pretty much as usual. A little shoveling and roof raking. I feel OK most of the time. I spend a while most mornings trying to clear the crud from my upper respiratory regions and from the sinuses. This has been going on since i was two days old and I can tell you I get friggin’ tired of it. Not much has ever given me relief. I do think about heating with wood and all the pollutants involved – you know – maybe there’s a connection? I can hear you now: “Central air and Arizona or Florida or even Texas as a last resort, might help.” I don’t doubt it.

I have a little line at the top of my computer screen on which the actual temperature appears. It says, 10? above zero just now. I just checked your zip code on Weather Bug and had this sudden urge to appear at your door in tee shirt and shorts – bags in hand. By the way, I was wondering, does your guest room have a view? An outside entrance would be nice. Broadband.

OK, I need to feed the stove and refill my coffee cup.

I hope this finds you well, dear Friend. See you on you next migration.

You take care now and don’t forget the sunscreen.

Your Friend – Jerry

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  1. Well -some of us r not snowbirds but replanted year-ronders. CA just cant comprehend living in these southern climbs during the summer. My opinion (as if it means much) is live without snow in the winter, pay for the AC for the worst of the summer. Our guestroom doesnt exist, btw, something to do with having (3) kids and another on the way, but, we are working on it. Re-arrangments of room in the summer when Mr is off to college.

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