There are many ways to eat a Peep. The most popular and “normal” way is to tear open the box and twist one off and pop it into the mouth. No preparation required.

The second, and most highly guarded secret method, is the Camp Fire Girls method: ram a stick through one and hold it over a fire in the deep woods ( with parental supervision and letters of permission by the appropriate attending physician ) until it is blackened and flaming and then pop it into the mouth. Purists mash it between Graham Crackers with a square of chocolate in there somewhere. What a waste of good chocolate. Go figure.

Whether this is the third or whatever number nobody knows, but Peeps have been known to be melted on top of a pan of banana pudding in the oven. I am not personally fond of this method but my mother liked it and forced it upon me from time to time just to demonstrate, I am sure, the line of command.

I just found out from a visiting friend that her family loves them frozen. I suppose there is a crunch involved and then there is the cold sensation. It takes all kinds.

If there is a default method of consuming Peeps, it would have to be this: leave them exposed to the elements until completely desiccated. I can see that. Since there is no known record of a spoiled or “gone by” Peep, I can see how this method might have some promise and why it is the undisputed bottom line fundamental Peep position. There are always leftover Peeps in broken packages and they always dry out. It’s a no-brainer. Eat’m, don’t throw them out.

Well, I think that’s it for the Peep Season for 2011. I look forward to it in 2012. I have a few left over and I am sure they will survive. I just hope I do.

Be well, and stay tuned.

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