“Then, if ever come perfect days.”

We can surely hope that Lowell’ statement on the first real summer month is right. For those of us living barely south of the boreal regions, it is a month of hope, planting, lawn mowing, deck furniture and crossed fingers.

We had fires into June last year and the year before. I mention that only to promote humility (My own) as I speak of the natural order. The natural order seems, these days, out of order, but June is indeed the right time to dig in the dirt and adjust your costume to take advantage of soft breezes, letting your skin take a little air.

(I’ll mention black flies only parenthetically, as I hope this is the year that they are not so bad. Am I the only one?)

June is also the time for perspective. There is a heaping pile of stove wood in the yard and we will attack it with some vigor today, knowing it won’t all be done. It’s the beginning that’s important. We know it’s for a good cause. Even though our under arms are wet and we take frequent sips to maintain hydration, we know the lesson of seasons: this too shall pass and there will be a time to feed the fiery belly of the stove – again.

Hello June! You are looking good. Throw off your coat and stay a while. I’ll make some iced tea and lift the deck umbrella and we’ll watch the shadows move across the day.

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