It’s not even fall – – yet. It’s around 42? this morning, so it’t not that chilly. Ha! Like a frost alert for most of the state. That must be it, coupled with the dusty green that covers the woods out back and the few leaves already on the ground.

Whatever it is, I woke up this morning thinking of biscuits. I resisted for an hour or so and finally said to myself. “Boy! What are you waiting for? There’s no rule about it. You want a biscuit – you get off your butt and make some.”

I’m well over half way into my second one now and of course, chasing it with sips of darkroast, X-Bold. I don’t do this every morning, even when it is snowing and colder than a witch’s broom handle outside. I don’t think I’ve made a biscuit all summer. I’m due.

By the way, after one and a half of these flaky Bakewell Creme delights, I have been suddenly infused with a feeling of joy and wellbeing. I began to think, what if everyone could start their day like this. Peace would break out all over the world. The positive energy generated would run the drug companies and even a few cartels out of business. Who, after all, needs drugs when happiness is as near as a hot biscuit?

I ask you: who indeed?

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