Saturday morning, fog bound. A gentle rain keeps all but the hardy tucked in bed. I, one of the hardy, am tucked in a soft chair with a cup of darkroast at my elbow – a real he-man.

It will be a low key day doing several housekeeping chores such as getting a head-start on packing, visiting with Barbara our host, spiffing up the place and taking a short walk around the southwestern tip of the island to complete our circumnavigation for the week. I am thankful that this is one off the least strenuous parts of the perimeter trail, known as Trail #1.

Black Head in the distance. One of the two highest promontories at 160 feet.

Tomorrow at home, I think we will do pizza while the washing machine pounds out a week’s grime and we rethink life in a faster lane. Home sounds good to me.

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