The weather prognosticators say rain for the rest of the week.  Boo! Hiss!  But it won’t alter the plan, which is to do all the trails.  We are something just under half way there and won’t have any trouble completing the job having enough foul weather gear to handle any but the severest storm.  Hopefully we have had that for the year.

But another way to see inclement weather is to realize it is most photogenic.  So there is a bright side to rain and wind while on an island.  But just now, it is near perfect, if slightly cooling down for the sunset time of day.  My spot is nice and will soon give way to the warmth and conviviality of a plate of ravioli.

I know there are more serious matters to claim my attention.  Like world peace, or the lack thereof.  Like an actual deliberative congress.  Like a really good 10? cigar.  Just kidding.  Or maybe not.  Oh who gives a….

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