It’s pouring down just now. A real island rain storm. At least it’s not cold. Thunder can be heard rumbling in the midst of it all, lending weight to the unanimous decision to stay in for a while and wait out the thunderstorms.

Actually only half of us is even out of bed at the moment. Each of us, in our own way, enjoying the ambience of being home and dry on a stormy morning: the freedom to do so being the essence of vacation. Meanwhile, I am considering cup # 2. I’m actually considering the whole damned pot!

We will get out later on. We have some “inside” trails to do and that will be better than slipping and sliding on wet cliffside pathways. Then for supper it’s Thanksgiving at the Trailing Yew. Every Thursday it’s turkey and dressing.

Now for breakfast it can be salsa chicken on black beans – leftovers. Sounds terribly delicious.

Stay tuned

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