It seems to me, and that’s an important distinction to keep in mind, that the death of Steve Jobs is causing an enormous upheaval of comment and speculation in the pundit division of the Apple world. There is an entire segment of broadcasters, bloggers, writers and hangers on whose existence depended on what Steve Jobs did. Now that he is gone it seems that there is an unusual level of anxiety about what is next. Not what’s next from Apple, but what’s next for them! They seem anxious to me. Unsure. Many of them are broadcasters, journalists and what I call, micro experts – knowing a lot about a ridiculously confined area of knowledge. But there is one thing they all share: the ability to talk incessantly while saying very little.

Jobs was a star in the most serious of terms. He played the media and had a field day with the music industry. He designed products that revolutionized the way we do our lives. Few people can say that to any degree. Not only was he a star, he knew stars.

He was a private person until he walked on the stage to introduce a new product. Then he was himself the star. I remember driving 50 miles one January to sit with a friend and a bunch of his fellow teachers who were streaming a keynote on a large screen at a high school in mid-coast Maine. I was excited. Everyone was excited. What would Steve tell us that would define our MAC experience for the next six months to a year? What would be that “One More Thing”?

Apple INC is not folding. Tim Cook is no Steve Jobs but he is in his own right a big leaguer. There will be one more thing. The blogging motormouths will have more than enough about which to speculate and pontificate.

I, on the other hand, can’t wait until tomorrow to get the new mobil operating system (iOS) download and other goodies. Do I need these things? Come on, you have not been paying attention. NO! I don’t need this stuff. I WANT it. Need does not enter into the equation. I need water, food and shelter. OK, maybe a little tenderness. But I confess – I love my MacBook Air and iMac. I can’t wait for November 18 when I am eligible to upgrade my iPhone! Hey, I don’t fish, hunt, gamble or trade cars. I suppose that is the only justification pundits need to continue their work as well. Onward and upward folks. The idea is to have a little fun along the way.

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