I have told you from the beginning that I am prone to opinion. Now, if that’s a problem, then read no further.

Here are a dozen things that always seem to be stuck in my mind. Sharing with you will, hopefully, improve my mental health.

1 An elected official must win his / her post by at least 51% of the vote.

2 We should have a choice between cable, telephone and electric utilities. Don’t laugh. I lived in a city where I could choose between two electric utilities. Electricity was cheaper. Duh?

3 No one should be exempt from the Don’t Call Listing. This means politicians and non-profits as well.

4 No, wait: anyone calling you to sell something, promote something, or ask for money should be required to pay your phone bill for a month. Then they should be fined heavily. IT’S MY PHONE, AND IT HAS NOTHING AT ALL TO DO WITH FREE SPEECH!

5 The entire congressional membership should be turned out every ten years. All at once. All at the same time. We’ll have one big honking election.

6 No member of the senate should be able to succeed herself – at all. Ever! House members will abide by the ten year rule. We already have the president handled. Or do we?

8 Not yet. The Electoral College should be forthwith abolished! The people should be able to elect a president by direct ballot and 51% of the votes.

7 Congressional perks, salaries, and benefits should be subject to voter approval. Or disapproval such as the case may be.

9 I should be able to have the Post Office stop the delivery of all mail except first class. If they need that junk to survive, then maybe it’s their time.

10 Religious education is an oxymoron.  If it happens anyway, it should not be a public burden.  In other words, it shouldn’t cost me a dime.

11 Insurance companies should have to declare as income all earnings produced by your premiums, whether directly or indirectly. Then rates would be set based on that figure. Look for big reductions in your premiums.

12 It should be impossible to get a high school diploma without at least three years of a foreign language, including during the final year three hours a week in a total immersion environment. There should be a choice of two languages. Actually, foreign language studies should begin in the first grade or earlier. Oh, yes, you are right: there would have to be a prepared teacher corps to handle the load.

There is a lot more, but I have to go to a doctor’s appointment. Sorry. Maybe next time.

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  1. Jerry… After months-years of growling about the decline and erosion of a living Democracy, then taking in the gravity of Bill Moyers speech… http://www.commondreams.org/video/2011/1031-1#.Trnxk9SHqfV.facebook… I fully agree with your life informed opinions, keep putting it out there!Roger Merchant

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