Visiting other places inevitably seems to bring up a fair amount fantasizing about living in those “other” places. This is not a serious thing but a simple hold over from those halcyon days of youth when the world was out ahead of us and we were all happily engaged in catching up to our dreams.  

On a recent trip to Florida to visit family CA and I were sitting out in what is called a Lanai, a screened in pool area, and admittedly a lovely setting with balmy breezes and fresh coffee, when the subject came up about spending extended periods down there.  Something beyond ten days.

We’re not talking about the textbook “greener pastures” disease for which, I believe, there may be a real diagnostic code for insurance claims.  We actually  live in that very “green pasture”.  It’s just that March and April are not that green in Maine and spending a month or so in Florida about then could be viewed as a touch of good judgement.

Meanwhile, the air, sitting by the pool in the shade, was perfect but we both knew that later in the year it would become so heavy you would need to chew it before it was breathable.  It’s not a bad feeling but one that takes some skill to work through.  But any time the subject of being in he south in summer is even imagined, CA is ready to hoist the red flag of humidity in my face.  She is one of those people for whom sweating is tantamount to hemorrhaging.  Since it appears beyond reason that we would ever be in the South in summer, this level of resistance seems an un-necessary diversion.

Ten days later, I am thinking of all this as I am turning over the soil in my garlic bed, earlier than ever, in 85? sunshine, sweating bullets, in March, in Maine!  If you’re paying attention, life is never boring, and you’re thankful.

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  1. SO, love Davids perspective here, and BTW, have to meet this son of yours. You are a brave man posting this, does CA read such?One fact, I must stress here, again, we do not, nor ever have had, any of those 100+ heat waves you all have in New England. It doesn’t get to be 100+ in the Bay area. Just saying… hahaha. Grateful, you put up with the Choo Choo ride from hell to get here. Giving credit where credit is due and thank-you for coming.Enjoy the gardening, watch those muscles, and I’ll be thinking of you while I sip my Martini, a spare one waits for your next visit.

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