These are new-crop hummingbirds bobbing around the feeder. Mostly females – most of the males having already departed for points so far south it would require at least 4 or 5 plane changes for me to catch up. I’m not going. I’ve decided to winter here in Sunny Maine. Well, we may make a trip or two to Florida to minister to the needs of family. After all, someone must do these things.

I have moved my news paper tube to make it more accessible for the route person. I’ve tied up the antique barnside rudbeckia which is at least 9 feet this year and leaning into a spread that promises to block the door. it has a golden bonnet of blossoms that is a haven for bees, butterflies and humming birds.

If I had to choose one flower for the summer it would be the family rudbeckia – the black-eyed-susan in all it’s variations, which is a lot. We have six varieties just in the deck area. The native variety comes up in just about every flower bed we have, which is a lot.

Left to their own effort, these tall spindly creatures lean in every way and lay down ultimately. Interesting how they mirror the aging process in us all. I find that I also need some propping and support as the years go by. Although I’m not falling down yet, I do notice that I don’t stand as tall and straight as I used to do.

Even the pressure treated deck railing mirrors life in a small way. It was new summer before last, sporting its sawmill yellow coloring. Now it has now acquired a nice weathered, mature gray tone. Ha! I won’t even say it.

The cedar fence is almost 30 years old but looks as old as I am. We keep thinking it will need replacing, but it looks great just the way it is. It’ll probably outlast me. There is true beauty in that old weathered look. Ha! I won’t even say it.

I decided I needed some sincere exercise today and went around the corner to Bradbury Mountain and walked the perimeter trail. I went up in the clockwise direction which meant a steep climb in the beginning with a flat and easy finish. I won’t dwell on the steep climb at the beginning but it’s enough to say that the day when I can’t do this seems nearer than ever. But I did it today! I might do it tomorrow.

So many young people on the mountain. I did see one old and wizened gray man walking toward me as I sat on a rock catching some air. I hailed him and asked if this was the Old Guy Sewing Circle meeting. He laughed and I laughed and he went on in the opposite direction.

It is becoming clearer and clearer to me that the only key to happiness in old age is to accept every moment as a royal gift, using it to the very last drop, saving nothing for posterity. I hope to learn that lesson before it’s too late.

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  1. Jerry- Really what r u doing? Even I liked the slow way up then the steep way down, much easier on the heart muscle not to mention all the others.Glad to hear you enjoyed what the day had to offer however. If you all head down here in the near future to "tend to family", then you may just find yourself referred to as a "young man" by the husband. He seems to call ever male by this these days. Those who are young, not to happy about it, those not so, give him a chuckle, now and then.Our day was spent shopping for Isaac, pulling in all loose items off the Lanai for Isaac, and running through the pre-downpours to pick up extra movies to watch (if we hold onto our power), and fending off ants which are as sick and tired of all the water we keep getting which is driving them in to where it is dry. I think the rain followed us from Maine to Fl. Take care of yourself young man…

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