Hate is the biggest gas guzzler on the planet. It costs a lot to run out a big hate. Yet, it seems that it is one of the most popular past times out there. Everybody seems to hate something or someone.

Hate is mishandled all the time. I hate cold coffee. What I really mean is that I don’t like cold coffee. More to the point, I prefer hot coffee. We seem to like to throw out hate to cover anything in the less-than-love category. You love it or you hate it. No middle ground.

The point is this: we use the word so much that it’s poison has been somewhat diluted. Hardly a day passes that we don’t hate something. I just hate that. See what I mean? So with all that in mind I offer a short list of things I think are worthy of, at least, a mild level of hatred.

Cold coffee. See above.

Drivers who can’t decide how fast they want to drive. If you pass me and then slow down you deserve to die. Your behavior is life threatening. I intend to stand my ground. Call yo mama – it’s your last chance.

Tailgaters. Just today I was going into Freeport and this guy in one of those 4WD monsters drew up on my tail like he was about to attempt some kind of roadway copulation. I am driving a respectable, and by the way dead on legal 45 MPH in a close neighborhood area. We were approaching this deep blind gully and this fool whips out and around me right at the lip of this depression and passes me. This gully is deep enough to hide a 22 wheel tractor-trailer. Forgive me for briefly thinking this idiot might end up as little more than bug guts on the grill of the afore mentioned tractor trailer coming up the hill. I mean – who are these jerks? Why do we even need them?

Political robo calls. I have a don’t call fix on my phone. Did you know that the lawmakers who passed the legislation exempted themselves? Yes, the same folk who told you that your suppertime nightmare was over forgot to tell you that they could interrupt your meal anytime they choose. I hate that. Wait: I meant to say, I hate the jerks we elected who did that. What is it about these people that they think they somehow deserve more than the rest of us.

War. My oh my, how the politicians love to rattle their sabers. Let someone threaten to shut off the pump in some desert outback and we suddenly find WMDs or human suffering that demands we intervene with our own flesh and blood. By the way, ever notice how the public treasury empties out during war while the corporate treasury overflows? I just hate that. Wait a minute! You don’t think there is a connection there, do you?

Finally, religious nut cases. We have religious freedom in this country. That means you can practice your religion without fear of oppression. It does not mean that this is a Christian nation, or a Jewish nation, or any other kind of religions nation. It does not mean you are right and the rest of us are wrong. It does not mean that your religious beliefs should be imposed upon the rest of us. In case you missed it – if your religion does not breed an abiding compassion for your fellow human beings, you might want to re-think whatever is going on in your heart.

I’m sorry, I know I said “finally”, but this just came up. I hate FaceBook!

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