We went for a walk in the woods this afternoon
Not many afternoons left to do that without
Special consideration – snowshoes, skis, crampons
We climbed our local mountain in the sub 40? chill
Shedding clothing on the way up and reaching for it on the way down
I could have been talked out of it – lazy to the bone
But here’s the thing – I get more than I give to it
I am remembering how I used to run these same trails
On which I now strain for breath as I walk slowly up them
But that list is endless, it seems, and is not profitable

We photographed each other standing by a rock wall
That proclaimed some whimsical intelligence
That left a window enclosing an elliptical stone
That seemed to say, “See, we actually had fun doing this”

It’s impossible to go anywhere in these woods
Without walking in someone’s footsteps
Where love was made, life was lived
And Death called every name

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