I always resist this business of New Year’s resolutions. It’s not a bad idea, but there is little to vouch for it in terms of outcomes. I mean, did you really loose those ugly pounds you vowed to shed a year ago? Are you really a better conversationalist as you were, last year, sure to be? And, come on, did you actually put the money aside for that trip to Tuscany? Well, neither did I.

But it’s kinda fun. I mean, what makes us so blatantly human is the idea that we think we can be better. The thing is – we really can be better.

And we all know that. I mean we have total control over how much we eat, or drink, or how well we apply ourselves toward self improvement. The real issue is that we think there is always the next year in which to do all those wonderful things.

Obviously, there may not be another year. Just as obviously, there may be decades more to absorb our procrastination. Obviously, we will do what we always do and the chips will fall where they may.

Happiness in the new year is not a function of loosing weight, being a better conversationalist or even having the money for a season in the Tuscan sun. Happiness is more closely related to being thankful for life, health, friends and companionship. You got that – you got a lot.

So, I wish for each of you that kind of HAPPY NEW YEAR! However – should you get to Tuscany, and there is an extra room, give me a call. I could be happier.

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  1. Happy New Yr. We saw on TV last night, shedding a few extra pounds was the number 1 resolution and saving more $ was number 5. So you are so right regarding what people are thinking as they make there vow for a better yr ahead:)Our yr has been so blessed with you and CA down hear twice last yr and two new Americans all the way from Ethiopia falling asleep under our room and not in an Orphanage. Family this New Years Eve. God has blessed us so in 2012 and 2013 shall be one shining star that is for sure. Can’t imagine funds appearing for a trip abroad but I do imagine sometime over the course of the year maybe a trip south would present itself:) Thinking Graduation and Confirmation and Baptisms, any room in your schedule?Michelle

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