THE TITLE SAYS IT ALL. It was a 50˚ day with snow covering everything. Skiers were out and people were sledding down the hill and we were not the only ones out walking. Pineland Farms is a remarkable resource in our community and the roads are always plowed and should you want or need a hour’s worth of vigorous walking it is readily available.

Make a note of it: the first complete day of sunshine above the 40˚ mark this season. Scenes like this were plentiful. We did indeed do a full hour at a pretty good clip. I hope I can find my bottle of Naproxen.

You know how it is: lots of talk about the winter’s accumulated belly fat. What to do about it. Eat less, of course. Perhaps even drink less, but I need more research on that before I do something rash. :-). Exercise is the answer for many of our issues. Specially those we bring upon ourselves. We looked at each other and said, almost in unison, “We do this three times a week and we will see a difference soon!” Yes, we actually said that.

I hate having to go somewhere to exercise. I have a nice treadmill and bicycle inside but it’s the air that is the difference. I feel as though I infused more Oxygen today than the entire winter! I feel great!

Now I am really hungry.

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