NOTHING should be easier, right?  All I wanted was to move my blog to WordPress and have it hosted by my domain manager, Godaddy.  I am beginning to feel that my advanced years are getting the upper hand in matters of technology.  They say, here, go 1,2.3 and it will be all better.   So I go 1.2,3, and it falls apart.

This is just a brief note to say to anyone who stumbles on this site, to have patience with me.  It isn’t anywhere near where I want it to be.   I’ll get it running and behaving properly soon I am sure.  No!  I am not sure.  But I am hopeful.

My issue is control.  I am used to controlling what things look like and how they do their thing and I have yet to reach that point.  I am feeling a bit inadequate.  Perhaps a Saturday morning waffle would help

Jerry Henderson

Be well, and stay tuned.

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