Sunday Morning Aggregate

– – – The governor wants to take his Tea Party agenda on national right wing TV.  I say go for it Gov.  You only need a little more rope to reach that high limb.

– – – An unconscious, but well meaning, legislator down in Saco wants to raise the speed limit on I -295 to 75 MPH!  Hey!  You listening?  All those cell phone wagging, eyebrow plucking fools are already driving 75 MPH.  You want to give them tacit permission to drive 85 and 90?  This is one of the busiest 4 lane stretches in the state.  Your proposal flies in the face of every known principle of highway safety and economy.  Lower it – don’t raise it.

– – – Did those brewmasters down at Shipyard in Portland really not know they had a sewer bill like everybody else?  I don’t know how any business that size is going to come up with $300,000?  And that’s an arbitrated amount.  I want my supply of Export Ale to keep on coming so I propose we all chip in at least $5 to help pay off this odious debt.  I think a collection bucket in the beer aisle in your favorite store should do the trick.

– – – There is now an effort by the UN to curb the movement of small arms to “conflict zones” around the world.  Guess who is opposed to such an idea?  The NRA, of course.   I suppose they now say the Second Amendment applies to anybody in the world. These bozos have become the second most irrelevant, out of touch, organization on earth.

– – – FLASH!  Just off the presses!  Romney pledges to help the Republicans.  You could have fooled me.  While addressing CPAC he says he’s sorry not to be their president, but he pulls himself together and goes on to say he will work with them, shoulder to shoulder, just like a regular fellow, as they, each and every one of them,  meet their responsibility.  Here’s the picture: hand over the heart and that trademark supercilious smile.

– – – Oh, did you hear?  Governor La Page now has a permit to carry a concealed weapon.  If there ever was a reason to question the whole process, that would be reason # 1


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