The question that begs to be answered is this: is bacon always bad?

Snowy mornings always put me in a pensive mood. I mean what else is there to do? This morning I woke up and looked out to see a steady fine grained snow falling. I am sure it is snowing all over the world. After a cup of Community Darkroast, and checking that all my systems were up and running, I then considered the possibility of a small bite to eat, which could include a piece of crispy fried, hickory smoked, pepper cured bacon to celebrate this beautiful gift from the weather gnomes.

I know – the thought of me having a piece of bacon will surprise many of you who think of me as the highest paradigm of healthy eating. Come on – I’m sure there is at least one out there who thinks that. I grew up in a culture that considered eating bacon as axiomatic as sparks flying upward. I will admit that in a more enlightened age, we have discovered a few drawbacks to steadily ingesting a few rashers of crispy fried bacon every morning.

Now, I know people who would simply stop breathing at the suggestion of eating bacon. These are usually the same people who would swerve across eight lanes of 80 MPH traffic to pick up a Dixie Cup that was thrown from a car window. Righteous in extremis. I’m always uncomfortable around such individuals. Not because I am so judged by them (I already know I am not as good as they are) but because I just feel so sorry for them.

Here’s what you do on such a morning as this. Fry a piece of thick sliced bacon to brittle crispness. Chop it into fine bits and set asside. Then take a cup of leftover rice. I like the short grain Italian kind. Put it into a non-stick fry pan (don’t use the grease of the bacon you just fried. (You could that, but that Dixie Cup do-gooder might break into your house and bludgeon you with a package of tofu) Instead, take a small dollop of butter and sauté the rice with the bacon bits in it until it begins to pop a little and then make a hole in the middle and drop an egg into that. Flip it at the right moment and when it reaches the right doneness for you, flip it onto a waiting plate. You can break the egg up some. It’ll probably break anyway. Drizzle some Captain Mowatt’s Greenie hot sauce with avocado (made right here in Portland) over the top and enjoy.

This is a kitchen tested recipe that you can use without a worry in the world.

Happy Snowy Tuesday.

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