We went for a drive today – a Sunday drive, of all things. Drove down to southwestern Maine to a pottery place we had been to a couple of times and thoroughly enjoyed ourselves. Sunday driving. I mean the traffic was horrendous in paces! But we enjoyed the trip. We don’t do that much anymore.

When I was a boy it was a regular Sunday after dinner thing. Getting in a car and going somewhere was a huge thing at the time. OK, it’s still rather nice. Only then, it involved a big bowl of ice cream and my grandfather’s King Edward cigar perfuming the air. It’s a miracle that I survived those years. We didn’t do the ice cream. Did do the usual cocktail and Singapore Noodles – takie outie – extra spicy. It was fantastic, but no cigar.

The day was humid. The sky was nicely blue with some random clouding but nothing threatening. The key word is humid. The A/C in the car worked matchlessly. I am tempted to go down now and get in it and just let the A/C run all over me. Hmm, sounds delicious. Sensual.

I decided on a completely unnecessary inspection of the garden just as the light began to fail and sure enough, it was unnecessary. But cool. I finished off the light of the day on our little back porch and listened to the buzzing of the last calling hummingbirds coming to the bar just before closing. It is just above my head. Buzz, buzz. It has to be hard on them. It’s hard on me.

I think I’ll survive the night with the services of my window fan. In a minute, I’ll see where William Least Heat-Moon will take me tonight in his newly published, HERE, THERE, ELSEWHERE. If you haven’t read his BLUE HIGHWAYS, do so tonight!

Funny – it seems to be cooling off a bit. The night always did have certain redeeming qualities.

I’m Jerry Henderson – – Be well, and stat tuned.

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