For each of us, there are a few, sometimes only a single thing, that we truly love. For the present discussion we shall exclude our favorite person. The true love in our lives, real or imaginary. There’s no way to handle that in around 500 words. I am certain that you love your significant Other more than words can tell, anyway.

I’m talking about the little everyday things, without which life would border on the unbearable. I’ll get this one out of the way first. You have heard it before: I love my morning cup (or several) of darkroast coffee. I know that is supposed to be dark roast – two words – but I love it so that I have commissioned a new word – a single word – for the dark and flavor filled brew. I have told my spelling checker get over it and let it go. I love my morning darkroast coffee.

My own significant Other, CA, loves most things. Says so often. While walking about the yard admiring her daylily collection she can be heard to say, “I love that lily”, at every turn. I got to thinking – is there a lily you don’t love? And there was one, believe it or not. It was purchased over 10 years ago as I recall as a white lily – a rarity indeed. It’s actually a pale yellow. A lovely flower but not as advertised. Likable but not lovable.

As we drive around she will point out a house and remind me for the mega dozenth time that she loves that house. And so on. I am given to believe that she loves most things. I know there are some things she does not love but, why, she suggests, would one focus on those things when there are so many lovable things in life? There’s a lesson lurking there somewhere, and I am the one who should learn it.

You get the picture. I’m not going to list every lovable thing, which you should count as a blessing to be loved! I’ll leave you to your own list, which you can, if you like, leave here in the comment box.

I will, however, share this that happened only this morning. Some friends down the road gave us a tamarack sapling which we have wanted. It came from the middle of a flower bed and has been planted out back in a favored spot to hopefully thrive and share its unique beauty. We love the tamarack.

We have two black hawthorns standing about 15 feet, one of which has been overtaken by a Japanese willow and needed to be moved, while the other one stands handsomely in the sunshine. We suggested our friends take it and that brought on a wave of delight. She had always wanted a hawthorn – a tree she loves.

Her brother came down from Westport with a trailer and we dug that black hawthorn up and through the combined efforts of four of us we managed to get that root ball onto the trailer and secured. None of this would have happened without her brother’s supply of that plastic rope lobstermen use to secure their buoys and which, when it comes loose, washes up on his place on the ocean.

He had used several pieces of this rope and needed one more to complete the task and turned back to his SUV for more and in passing he shook his head and said, “God, I love rope”. I did not doubt if for a minute.

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