I laugh at the leaf peepers from New Jersey, but here we are, out there looking for color just like all the rest.

We began at the New Gloucester Village Store for what was a wonderful brunch and to boot, excellent coffee – not always found at the same table. Well, I probably shouldn’t have said all that – now you will fill the joint up just before I get there, hungry and bereft of my initial coffee infusion. Oh well, if you do go there it’s the Intervale Mix that is the choice du jour. You won’t regret it, but I will if you have my seat.

From there we head to the pumpkin farm on 231 in New Gloucester, north of Penny Road. My God what a collection of gourds, squashes and pumpkins of every shape imaginable. This is an annual visitation for us. It’s one of those things that makes you happy to be stuck off up here in the corner of the country.

Absolutely! CA brought that thing home.

Having selected several “interesting shapes” to take home, we went looking for more color, and color was with us at every turn on the entire outing. We headed for Turner, one of the most beautiful communities in the entire state. No matter what the season. The main draw there is Nezinscot Farm. https://nezinscotfarm.com The farm has been judged to be one of, if not the best organic farm in the country. It is the farm shop and bakery that is the main event for non-farmers like us. Lunch is a must. Then there is the stuff you can buy and take home and eat or wear.

Here is CA trying on a most unlikely head piece. I’m pretty sure I tried this one on a year ago. I wonder why somebody hasn’t taken it home by now?

It’s a shame this one was a tad too small, or it would have been mine. I think the colors really compliment my complexion.

There are, of course, the on-high views of the western mountains from Upper Street in Turner, from which, on a clear day, one can actually see the Presidential’s in New Hampshire. Living there with a west facing glass wall is likely as disabling as living on the coast of Maine with the wild Atlantic paralyzing your vision all day long.

It was a beautiful day for an outing. We stopped at a farm stand on Rt 4 and picked up some apples, hot pickles, cheese and some little plum tomatoes. I can see an apple crisp appearing on the table soon that will compliment a hot bowl of Border Chili.

“Ain’t it the Fall?”

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