Happy New Year – such as it is. This is what a pano shot looks like from my window.

The National Weather people say that there is a fast moving Nor’easter coming for Thursday (that’d be tomorrow) and Friday that could dump 9 plus inches with 30 mph winds.

I know – most of you who will read this will say something like: “Get a grip, fella! We’re way ahead of you.” Or maybe: :”You just wake up, sleepyhead?” (Well, yeah . . .). Someone else will say that I should get off my duff and get down to the local supper store and stock up on processed foods, beer and that all time favorite storm staple – potato chips. (Fried, not baked).

Good grief! It is winter and it is Maine. What did I think life here would be like? I’m pretty sure we’re dealing with another in the long and growing list of things old people have problems with. Cold tops the list. If all I have to do is feed my stove, make coffee and write a few emails then I am set. I feel it more than I used to – 30 years ago. I don’t care who tells you what – 30 years makes a difference, specially when the count begins at 50.

Next, the mere physicality of dealing with ice and snow becomes a challenge. What am I saying? The mere physicality of doing anything becomes a challenge. This is my most un-favorite thing about becoming an old person. Don’t get me wrong – there is a lot I love about being older. I am particularly fond of the way people think that because I have lived a long time I know a lot of stuff. Hellooo!! I remember a lot of stuff, which is way different from actually knowing stuff.

Here it is the first day of a new year. Time marches on. One thing I have learned from the past 30 years is that I don’t have another 30 years. It’s just what is, and it does not for one second take away the absolute joy I have in living this one present day! So what? I can no longer climb up on the roof and dislodge the ice jambs. So what? I can no longer ski 20 miles or run 10 at the drop of a hat. So what? I can no longer work up 10 cords of fire wood from huge 8 foot logs with only a chain saw, a maul and wedge. I actually did that once and I firmly believe that is the reason I am likely not to live another 30 years.

I just noticed it is zero degrees, and my stove is dark. So I’ll feed the stove, make a cup of tea and read on into the new year. One must firmly establish a beachhead in new territory, don’t you think?

May 2014 be a good year for us all.

I’m Jerry Henderson –
Be well and stay tuned.

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