When I was younger, it seems that I was always driving a long distance to somewhere. It seemed to be a part of life – not an optional selection. Gas was cheap and the economy seemed to be more realistic. Didn’t have anything then, but it didn’t seem as bad as not having anything now. I’m not sure that makes sense but there seems to be a rhyme in there just the same.

Just now, CA and I have been on a journey to see family in Pennsylvania and Florida. Interesting weather delays have intervened and it’s been cold. It’s highly likely that we won’t attempt such an adventure at this time of year again. You live and then you learn.

We are near the end of the trip down south and are enjoying the dramatic change in the countryside. We saw open water today. There were boats floating on water! The contrast from driving along the Susquehanna river yesterday with jumbled ice as far as the eye could see so open water with actual boats floating on it was instructive about how a few miles can make a huge difference in climate.

We saw palm trees and Spanish moss hanging on trees. Sorry, no alligators – yet. I am sure they are there lurking in the muddy depths of those creeks and rivers we crossed today.

I have to say that the Blue Ridge range in Virginia is one of the more spectacular sights you can see. There’s a place coming down a long decline that you can see forever over the eastern slope in a majestic vista no Hudson Valley artist ever captured. Breathtaking.

Our plan is to drive its length in the spring on our return hone. I have already been chided by someone about not sending photos. Well, I am trying to get down here. I will consider photos soon enough.

Stay tuned.

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