I’ve been using an adjustable walking staff for a number of years as a precaution when walking on uneven terrain. I am now giving serious consideration to using two walking sticks and doing so on even terrain. My next step has never seemed so unsure.

CA, my partner in life, and I frequently talk on the phone. It avoids going up and down the stairs.

I often dream of living in a foreign country, then I remember I once lived in Dexter – so I already did that.

We drive a hybrid Ford. I think that means it can’t reproduce.

I have a rubber tip for my walking stick. That way I can use it when I am navigating the uneven terrain of my apartment that is strewn with piles of magazines, a treadmill, a bicycle, rugs and various pairs of Birkenstocks.

3:30, August 29, and the wood is in. Disclaimer: CA stacked most of it. Disclaimer #2: I love a woman who likes to stack wood!

Crickets! With my new bionic ear I can hear crickets, birdsong and wind in the trees while sitting on the back porch at that magic hour in the evening. Crickets! I haven’t heard crickets in years. How cool is that?

Speaking of crickets: I’m a regular participant on a forum about hearing loss and cochlear implants in particular. I said something about being able to hear crickets and this guy said that if you count the number of “chirps” a cricket makes in fourteen seconds and add 40 to that you come up with the current temperature in degrees Fahrenheit. Yes, I tried it and yes it worked. Well, it was one degree off.

I am surrounded by technology. I remember having nothing more technical than a box of strike anywhere matches. I’ve had a smart TV for a year and I still can’t figure out the remote. I have a smartphone that can do things I haven’t even thought about doing. I have a powerful laptop, a tablet and we have a car that always knows where it is. The question is: why is my body falling apart?

Don’t worry: I know why my body is falling apart. It’s time. I’ve lived way beyond my “Use By Date”. I’ve tried my best to use myself. Don’t worry – I’m squeezing out every drop. Don’t worry #3 – Life has been much faster but never as good. Hmm – I wonder what that means.

You gotta wonder: is anything really random?