IT FELT JUST LIKE SUMMER ON THE OCEAN TODAY. That’s quite the happening on Easter Sunday near the 44th parallel. I have never seen so many people at Wolf Neck as there were today. Bare legs and arms bleached from winter’s darkness hanging out in springtime sunshine and soft, warm ocean breezes. Pinch me – am I dreaming?

When we returned home, there were Easter Baskets to open, sent from the Florida branch and in particular the newest of the clan – the Ethiopians. One basket addressed to Grandma B and the other sent to Grandpa Jerry. Out of respect for these lovely children – and for no other reason, as I normally avoid those abominable things – I ate a chocolate dipped Peep. I have to admit, it was good! Actually it was fantastic. I never cease to be amazed at the pure transformative joy a little chocolate can produce. There is another one, of course, but it will have to wait for desert time tonight.

Since CA and I are many miles from family, we could find little reason not to indulge ourselves with a couple of nice fresh Maine lobsters for our supper. A small spring salad, baked potato and a bottle of good Chablis from the cellars at Bow Street Market will round things out. Such indulgences do not replace family but do a pretty damned good job as a placeholder until someone shows up.

Tee shirts and sock-less sandals, walkers, joggers and cyclists everywhere. I even heard a motorcycle blast by a moment ago. It ain’t daffodils but the signs of the season of growth and harvest are at hand.

I’ll resist putting up the deck umbrella today. Maybe tomorrow. – after checking the forecast.

DRIVING DOWN THE HIGHWAY this past weekend we marveled at the many shades of green that this season provides. It is only for a brief time that such a display is available, but while it lasts don’t hesitate to get your green fix.

Not long and all the greens will look the same dark and ubiquitous “oak leaf” hue. Except for the normal varietal variances in color the woods will seem all of a single dark and rich green.

Then, as the days wear on, the greens take on that dusty dull look of maturity and begin to think of decorator colors and leaving town altogether.

Fall is why we endure January. In autumn lies the hope of new life, fertile ground and harvest to come.

All that lies behind the many shades of green we now enjoy as we drive down the road to places and friends we love.