These are unimaginable times. Yet, unfortunately, the unimaginable is our reality. The thought sends the mind into a paroxysm of despair.

We have a president who has no experience in government, yet who thinks he knows it all. He demonstrates his ignorance several times a day and blames others for his problems. The courts are incompetent or have the wrong ethnic heritage when they do not rule in his favor. He’ll take the courts to court. The press is the opposition because they report what’s going on. His ersatz press secretary tells the press to shut up. Another of his spokespersons admonishes us to look into his heart for the real truth and stop paying so much attention to what he actually says. That’s got to be a prize winner. He is nominating cabinet level people who are on record opposing the very function of the agencies they are to manage. These are the very people these agencies were created to protect us from. Am I missing something?

And he lies. He seems to think that if you say something that is obviously a lie often enough the people will begin to believe it to be the truth. If you say all politicians lie you miss the point. His performance is at the unimaginable level. Dare I suggest pathological?

His pouty mouth scowl, I imagine, is designed to give the impression of power and authority when in fact it more resembles a child whose favorite toy has been confiscated until he eats his greens.

It’s hard to keep up with his antics. He uses social media like a barely post pubescent adolescent starving for attention. Is this a management style?

At least he has learned one cardinal rule of power: if you want some hair brained idea to float high on the political tide, just say it’s a matter of national security. Keep out the Mexican rapists and dope dealers. It’s a matter of national security – build a wall. Need oil for national security? Build a pipeline to carry the dirtiest most corrosive crude on the planet across the entire country, threatening the environment and delivering another slap to the already decimated face of Native America. Beef up the National Security Council? Absolutely! Get rid of the Joint Chiefs – I mean, what do those guys know? Then install a known racist, anti-Semite, white supremacist whose stated purpose is to destroy every American institution. This is supposed to make us feel more secure as a nation?

Then, let’s ban Muslims until we can regain our grip on things? It’s hard to put a tag on this one. If you have a working TV set, you know the chaos this caused. One has to wonder what he is doing off camera while all eyes are focused on the thousands of lives so callously disrupted. You don’t think he could be that devious, do you?

I wonder – has anyone thought of the benefits of banning radical Christians? You know the ones – they want to become the national religion of America. The American Taliban. In God We Trust! What a joke. Talk about a threat to national security.

I told you – these are unimaginable times.